SMP- Planned Maintenance System

The Planned Maintenance System consists of instructions, lists and details of tasks and resources required to comply with them, and is a systematic within the scope of preventive maintenance. SMPs cover several procedures necessary to keep the machine and equipment in perfect working order, ie, SMP basically consists of 1 horsepower 56 frame consolidating the preventive maintenance procedures of various equipment and systems from various origins within the organization, in a standardized way and efficient, and with maximum economy of means.

It is a method whose purpose is to guarantee the maximum availability, reliability and performance of the equipment and systems covered by it, by optimizing the resources available for maintenance. Wear or deterioration and random failure will result in malfunctions or degradation of material performance. To reduce the effects of failures from wear or progressive defects, signs of wear or deterioration can be identified by testing and verifications, performed at appropriate intervals and in order to ensure proper corrective maintenance actions. Random failures, by their very nature, can not be anticipated. The system, however, must provide the information necessary to begin corrective maintenance activities.

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